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This is a decision that all homeowners are going to face sooner or later. When is the best or right time to replace rather than repair?

Making the decision whether to repair or replace your furnace or air conditioner can be difficult. As with most other large-ticket items, you’ll know it’s time when the cost of repairs equals or outweighs the cost of a new unit. But even if your older system still seems to be working, you might actually save money by replacing it before it wears out. Not only will you avoid a last- minute decision on an emergency replacement during a summer heat wave, you could also significantly reduce your energy bills – possibly lowering it enough to pay back the cost of a new unit in just a few years.

A qualified heating and air conditioning contractor can inspect your existing equipment to give you an estimate on how many years it might last, how much it’s costing you to operate, and how much you might save by investing in a new high-efficiency system.


Goodman Appliance will provide you with solutions to your indoor comfort problems. You can be confident your family’s comfort and safety rests on our long-standing reputation for quality and responsive service. Goodman. Is a full-service air conditioning and heating contractor with the ability to service and install complete heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, and appliance services.

Goodman Appliance can help you find ways to reduce your energy bills through a thorough cost-benefits analysis.